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The Associates Fellowships have been created to support enhanced connections to the business community, contributions to the practice of management, and meaningful collaboration between Asper faculty and the business community.


2023 Recipients

The Associates Fellow in Entrepreneurship: Dr. Nathan Greidanus

Nathan Greidanus is an Associate Professor of Business Administration and is currently servcing as the Acting Associate Dean of Professional Graduate Programs and Executive Education at the Asper School of Businesss.

Nathan’s research and teaching intersect the broad areas of entrepreneurship, sustainable development and governance. His research explores the relationship between entrepreneurship and the natural environment; positive failure; subjective well-being; indigenous people; and economic inequality.  His prestigious publication on ADHD and Entrepreneurship had broad impact including a writeup in the Wall Street Journal.  As part of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor team, Nathan also presented a detailed analysis of entrepreneurial activities and attitudes in Manitoba over the COVID period.

The Associates Fellow in Sustainability: Dr. Raj Manchanda

Raj Manchanda is a Professor of Marketing at the Asper School of Business.

His research interests include the role of negative affect in marketing, as well Raj’s research and teaching challenges current dominant world views. Viewed through alternative lenses, he seeks to re-envision many of the fundamental concepts and frameworks of business, and specifically marketing. In doing so, he sees business and marketing as playing an important role in prioritizing social and ecological flourishing, and making valuable contributions to a more just and equitable world. In his recent work, co-authored by fellow Asper professor Bruno Dyck, Savanna Vagianos [BComm(Hons)/19, MSc/23] and Michèle Bernardin [BComm(Hons)/21], Manchanda has examined sustain-centric approaches to marketing. His research critically rethinks triple bottom line approaches to business and highlights the potential of more sustainable business models, questioning the role of profit in a more sustainable business landscape.

The Associates Fellow in Innovation: Wenxi Pu 

Wenxi Pu is an Assistant Professor of Management Information Systems of Accounting and Finance at the Asper School of Business.

Wenxi examines machine learning algorithms, artificial intelligence and stigma. His research broadly focuses on the transformative impacts of IT innovations on organizations and individuals. Specifically, Wenxi is investigating self-identity, human dignity, mental health, and stigma in the context of Social Media and Machine Learning algorithms. His work has been published in premier journals such as Personnel Psychology. Having won multiple teaching awards along his teaching journey, Wenxi engages with AI-driven technology in the classroom and in his research,  advocating for students, researchers and practitioners alike to learn more about emerging technologies in order to better work alongside them effectively and responsibly.

Pictured above (from left to right): Associates Fellows Raj Manchanda, Nathan Greidanus, Wenxi Pu, with Dean Bruno Silvestre, and Denise Zaporzan (Associates Chair) 

2022 Recipients


The Associates Fellow in Business Administration:  Dr. Sean Buchanan

Sean Buchanan is an Associate Professor of Business Administration at the Asper School of Business.

His research broadly focuses on the relationships among actors, institutions, and social and environmental issues, and specifically seeks to understand the dynamics of change and stability in organizational fields, industries, and occupations struggling with environmental sustainability, economic inequality, or stigmatization. His research has been published in Academy of Management ReviewOrganization ScienceJournal of Management StudiesOrganization StudiesHuman RelationsJournal of World Business, and Organization.


The Associates Fellow in Finance:  Dr. Chi Liao

Chi Liao is an Assistant Professor of Finance at the Asper School of Business.

Dr. Liao’s research in household finance and behavioural finance focuses on the determinants of financial decision making, both individual and corporate, with the goal of developing a better understanding of observed behaviour. Her research has been published in leading finance and entrepreneurship journals including the Journal of Journal of International Financial Markets, Review of Finance, and the Journal of Business Venturing.


The Associates Fellow in Supply Chain Management:  Dr. Kelsey Taylor

Kelsey Taylor is an Assistant Professor of Supply Chain Management at the Asper School of Business.

Her research examines multiple dimensions of environmental and social responsibility in supply chains using quantitative and qualitative research methods, such as a case studies, behavioural experiments, and econometric analysis.

Her ongoing research projects examine the supply chains of purpose-driven organizations like social enterprises to understand how and why different types of actors and institutions contribute to sustainable impact creation. Her work has been published in research journals such as Industrial Marketing Management and the International Journal of Production Research.

Pictured above (from left to right): Denise Zaporzan (Associates Chair) with Associates Fellows Sean Buchanan, Chi Liao and Kelsey Taylor 


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The Associates, through the University of Manitoba Business School Foundation, has donated $50,000 towards a fund for bursaries for Asper students suddenly affected by COVID-19.

The donation will support undergraduate Asper students who have lost their co-op job placements or those who have lost current part-time or summer positions due to COVID-19. Most of these students have no other financial options.

Please find President Barnard’s Thank You letter to The Associates here.

The Associates of the I. H. Asper School of business ensure that Asper students are receiving an exceptional, varied education leading to their development as industry leaders. Students and faculty benefit from the wide range of activities and resources offered through the Associates’ generosity, including competitions, mentorship, professional development and awards.

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Visionary Indigenous Business Excellence Awards
Associates support the annual VIBE Awards, pictured here with the 2019 VIBE Award Recipient, Angie Zachary.

Stu Clark Investment Competition
The Stu Clark New Venture Championships: Graduate Edition (previously Stu Clark Investment Competition) is the SCCE’s premier competition and represents a prestigious, international academic opportunity designed to mimic the real world process of starting a new venture while rewarding innovative thinking and entrepreneurial spirit. The competition is for graduate students to gain real experience while developing and growing new ventures based on the student created, managed or owned ventures. Throughout this 2-day competition teams will compete in an Elevator Pitch, Logo Pitch and Business Plan Presentation for more than $60, 000 prize money and will evaluate the feasibility, market opportunity and business model of a new venture.

JDC West Team Toba
JDC West is the largest student-run business competition in Western Canada, attracting teams from twelve universities every year. It is an annual highlight for Asper students, who represent the school as Team Toba. The three-day event involves academics, athletic challenges, debate, a social competition, and a charity drive. Students are required to express the attributes required in leadership.

CSA Business Banquet
The Commerce Students’ Association has hosted the annual Business Banquet for over fifty years, bringing together students and corporate representatives who are seated together for the dinner and guest speaker. Each year, the Associates sponsors tables where students can sit with members and learn about their business experience and network with Manitoba’s top business leaders.

Student Groups and Associations

  • Asper MBA Student Association (aMBAsa)
  • Asper School of Business Accounting Association (ASBAA)
  • Asper Students’ Co-op Association (ASCA)
  • Association of International Management Students (AIMS)
  • Beta Gamma Sigma (BGS)
  • Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization (CEO)
  • International Association of Students in Economic and Commercial Sciences (AIESEC) – Management Information Systems Association (MISA)
  • University of Manitoba Actuarial Club (UMAC)
  • University of Manitoba Finance Organization (UMFO)
  • University of Manitoba Human Resource Association (UMHRA)
  • University of Manitoba Indigenous Commerce Students (UMICS)
  • University of Manitoba Investment Group (UMIG)
  • University of Manitoba Marketing Association (UMMA)
  • University of Manitoba Supply Chain Organization (UMSCO)
  • Career Development Centre

Through the support of the Associates, the Career Development Centre (CDC) offers students a range of professional development activities.

Asper 10yr

Capital Projects
With the Associates support, the student groups and associations have a prominent display case proudly exhibiting the achievements of the school. This beautiful new addition shares the stories of past generations in a central location on the first floor of the Drake Centre. Most of these awards were previously featured in a smaller display on the main floor at the Asper School, and have been moved to the first floor. At the location of the previous main floor display, a state of the art digital display wall has been completed, honouring past IDEA recipients and announcing Associates and Young Associates events. The improvement will enhance the main (second) floor and inspire business students through the accomplishment of these compelling and successful leaders.

Rick MacKay and Student

Associates Executives-in-Residence
Students, faculty, and members of the community benefit from interaction with our three Executives-in-Residence, all successful business leaders who have established and proven experience in public and private sectors. The Executives-in-Residence offer public presentations, lectures, and mentorship opportunities to provide an immersive learning experience. The meaningful contribution made by the Asper School’s Executives-in-Residence cannot be overstated, as they share a unique depth of knowledge and real life experience complementary to classroom learning.

Significant renovations are underway in the Stu Clark Graduate School at the I.H. Asper School of Business thanks in part to a $1 million gift from Dr. Arni Thorsteinson and Dr. Susan Glass, both UM honorary degree recipients and alumni.

On November 22, 2019 in recognition of their transformative donation to the Front and Centre campaign, which is supporting renovations on the fifth floor of the Drake Centre, the building’s student centre has been officially named the “Arni Thorsteinson and Susan Glass Student Commons.”

“Drs. Thorsteinson and Glass are influential philanthropic leaders in the Winnipeg community and great friends of the University of Manitoba and the Asper School of Business. Their generosity over the years has had a profound impact on the lives of our students,” says Dr. Gady Jacoby, Dean and CPA Manitoba Chair in Business Leadership, Asper School of Business.