Associates’ Enterprise Award

The Associates Student Enterprise Award was established in 1999. It is an annual business award in the amount of $2500 for a student of the I. H. Asper School of Business who demonstrates qualities of an enterprising individual. The Awards are presented on the basis of merit with particular references to enterprising accomplishments, student leadership and academic achievement. The award is presented at the annual Commerce Students’ Association Business Banquet.


One Award of $2,500 will be awarded to a student in the Asper School of Business who:

1. Is a full-time student (9 credit hours in each fall term and winter term) in the Asper School of Business who has completed a minimum of 60 credit hours.

2. Awards are presented on the basis of merit with particular references to enterprising accomplishments, academic achievement, and leadership.

Enterprising accomplishments are defined as activities in which the student has demonstrated initiative, creativity, persistence and risk-taking along with academic training and acquired knowledge to achieve a new business idea or project and making this project successful.

Demonstrated leadership in either the school environment/community as a whole.


Applicants are required to submit: (a) the application form; (b) a resumé; (c) two letters
of reference; (d) A copy of your most recent transcript; (e) Essay (maximum 500 words) explaining how your involvement in any organization or business environment has shown an enterprising spirit.

Candidates who meet the criteria may be interviewed by the selection committee.

The application form and details can be found by clicking here.

International Study Awards

Established in 2000, the University of Manitoba Business School Foundation International Study Awards supports full-time students in the I. H. Asper School of Business who have ranked at the top of the group accepted to the International Student Exchange Program. The number and value of scholarships awarded each year will be at the discretion of the selection committee but shall not exceed $1,500 each.

International Study Award Recipient
2017 – 2018 Award Winners
  • Rachael Aluko – Management-Honour Co-op
  • Audry Arida – Management-Honour Co-op
  • Polina Burmistroca – Honours
  • Carly Gallinger – Honours
  • Jillian Hampley – Management-Honour Co-op
  • Nicolas Ko – Honours
  • Michael Laverge – Management-Honours Co-op
  • Tamara Martens – Honours
  • Shu-Mon Mok – Red River College Joint Program
  • Kim Ngan Nguyen – Management-Honours Co-op
  • Jack Psooy – Honours
  • Brigitta Schuler – Honours
  • David Shao – Honours
  • Scott Shayna – Honours
  • Landon Steward – Management Honours Co-op
  • Evan Stock – Honours
  • Stéphanie Vallée – Honours

Associates Award for Study in the MBA Program

A $250 award offered each year to the student who achieves the second highest grade point average in the Asper MBA program.

Associates Achievement Awards for Faculty of the Asper School of Business

Established in October 1991, there will be up to 5 awards of $4,000 available each year. It is the discretion of the recipient how the amount is allocated. Up to half of the award amount may be taken as a cash award while the remainder can be used for research, travel and education or other activities that support the recipient’s professional activities. Funds used for research, travel and education or other activities must be spent within the one-year period.

Number of Awards

There will be up to 5 awards disbursed each year. These awards will be distributed among the four categories of innovation, research, service, and teaching. No more than two awards should be presented in any one category. Should there not be a suitable recipient in a particular category, the award will not be awarded. Awards need not be awarded each year.

Nature and Purpose of Awards

The purpose of the Associates Achievement Award program is to provide an additional form
of recognition and reward to faculty members who have demonstrated particularly high achievements in the areas of research, teaching, service or innovation. The term “achievement” is purposely used to note that the awards will recognize specific accomplishments from July 1 to June 30, rather than overall long-term performance (which is rewarded by tenure, promotion, and annual merit increases). The funding for the awards will be provided by the Associates of the Asper School of Business, whom will act as the donor and the governing body of the program.

Achievement Areas

Achievement awards will be available in the areas of research, teaching, service and innovation.

The category of Innovation considers new initiatives (creative and unique strategies or programs) led by the applicant, aimed at improving the quality of knowledge creation and dissemination within and beyond the Asper School of Business, or will enhance the reputation of the School. This award seeks to encourage innovation in the pursuit of excellence in academic and scholarly endeavors that aim to reach to a broader audience. Unlike the other three categories where an applicant’s performance on traditional parameters is an evidence of achievement, the evidence of performance might not be apparent in the short term or might not meet the traditional criteria of performance.


All full-time and part-time (i.e. non-tenure/sessional) faculty are eligible.


In the spirit of recognizing that many types of achievements contribute to the faculty’s reputation and development, each award category will use the broadest possible interpretation. Eligibility for an award in any one category requires satisfactory performance in the areas of research, teaching, and service.



Dr. Namita Bhatnagar ~ Teaching, Dr. Bruno Silvestre ~ Research, Dr. Steven Zheng ~ Research, Dr. Mingzhi Liu ~ Engagement, Dr. Parshotam Dass ~ Engagement


Dr. Brianna Caza ~ Research, Dr. Bruno Dyck ~ Innovation, Dr. Lei Lu ~ Research, Dr. Kelly Main ~ Service, Dr. Raj Manchanda ~ Teaching


Dr. Jijun Gao ~ Innovation, Dr. Sandeep Arora ~ Reasearch, Dr. Arran Caza ~ Teaching, Dr. Changman Jiang ~ Teaching, Dr. Mingzhi Liu ~ Research


Dr. Zhenyu Wu ~ Service, Dr. Ruodan Shao ~ Research, Dr. Briana Caza ~ Research, Dr. Lukas Neville ~ Teaching, Dr. Rajesh Manchanda ~ Innovation


Dr. Kelly Main ~ Service, Dr. Luke Zhu ~ Research, Dr. Changmin Jiang ~ Research, Dr. Nathan Greidanus ~ Teaching, Dr. Hari Bapuji ~ Innovation


Dr. Adolf Ng ~ Research, Dr. Nicolas Roulin ~ Research, Dr. Cameron Morrill ~ Service, Dr. Bruno Dyck ~ Teaching, Dr. Lukas Neville ~ Innovation


Dr. Hari Bapuji ~ Service, Dr. Nathan Greidanus ~ Teaching, Dr. Wenxia Ge ~ Research, Dr. Ying Zhang ~ Research


Dr. Nick Turner ~ Research, Dr. Fang Wan ~ Research, Dr. Reg Litz ~ Teaching, Dr. Subbu Sivramakrishnan ~ Teaching, Dr. Sandy Hershcovis ~ Service, Dr. Kelly Main ~ Service


Dr. Raymond Lee ~ Research, Dr. Usha Mittoo ~ Service, Dr. Sergio Carvalho ~ Teaching, Dr. Nathan Greidanus~ Teaching


Dr. Nick Turner ~ Research, Dr. Parshotam Dass~ Teaching, Sean MacDonald ~ Teaching, Dr. Ed Bruning~ Service


Dr. Sandy Hershcovis ~ Research, Dr. Xiaoyun Wang ~ Research, Dr. Reg Litz ~ Teaching, Mr. Alok Dua ~ Teaching


Dr. Neil Fassina ~ Teaching; Dr. S Appadoo ~ Research & Teaching; Dr. Hari Bapuji ~ Research; Dr. Charles Mossman ~ Service.