The Associates are proud leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs moving the Manitoba economy forward. Comprised of more than 370 senior executives, The Associates have been a driving force since 1982 advancing business education at the I.H. Asper School of Business. The Asper students are linked to the business community through mentorship programs, ongoing networking events and philanthropy. Giving back to the Asper School of Business and business community are the hallmark attributes of the Associates.

Message from the Associates Chair








Denise Zaporzan  [FCPA, FCMA, BSP]
Chair, The Associates
President, Asteria Global Inc.

I am honoured and excited to serve as Chair of the Associates of the Asper School of Business.

As we witness the evolution of business, academics, leadership, and five generations in the workplace, we recognize more than ever, the relevance of the connection between the Asper School and our business community.  It’s the essential link between advancing business education AND the relevance of learning and learning together.  I believe we are all students every day, and today, that holds true more than ever!

It once took ten years to be called an expert. Now, it takes a lifetime.

The speed of information, innovation, change, competition, and the reality of external threats face us daily. This applies to our students too.

These challenges, however, can also mean opportunity… and we wouldn’t be true Manitobans if we didn’t embrace resilience.

We have a huge opportunity as Associates. Not only do we have something that many top tier business schools cannot emulate, we also have a world-class business school that is a research institution.

I had the recent privilege of judging the Hickson Research Day at the Asper School where I listened to research students present their findings.

Topics like machine learning, social media influencer strategies, artificial intelligence, AI-driven investment management, and environmental and social impact studies were showcased. They were outstanding!

I left thinking… if not for serving as a judge, how could I – as a business community member – have learned about the ingenuity of our students? How can we identify opportunities for them to share their new ideas with us? And how can we harness this invigoration, innovation, and ingenuity to ensure our momentum is unstoppable?

As we continue to support the connection between the Asper School and our business community – we need to leverage and solidify our relationships as teachers, leaders, and students.

Not only must we provide mentorship, we have an opportunity to receive it too.

I look forward to working with and including the unique perspectives and contributions of every stakeholder in our community.

Together, we will advance business education and research in Manitoba while we embrace the leaders of today and tomorrow. Together, we will learn, impact, evolve, and move forward – while having fun!


Message from the Dean


Dr. Bruno Silvestre
Dean and CPA Manitoba Chair in Business Leadership

The Associates have been a driving force in advancing business education at the I.H. Asper School of Business for almost 40 years. Providing philanthropy, mentorship and networking opportunities for our students, faculty and staff, this dedicated network of more than 300 senior executives fosters the development of our graduates who enter the workforce prepared to succeed in the ever-changing global economy.

As the flagship business school in the province, the Asper School of Business plays a significant role in the Manitoba economy and the Associates represent a vital component of our success. Thanks to such dedicated membership, the Asper School of Business will continue its reputation of excellence in business education, research and engagement in our community and society, and continue to be internationally recognized as a key developer of world-class business leaders.


Proud of Our Past

Founded in 1982 The Associates are guided by a core believe that a world class business school needs solid, on-going linkages to the captains of our business community. The Associates brings students, faculty and Manitoba business leaders together at informal gatherings, seminars, gala fundraisers and continued mentorship opportunities. We honour the beliefs of our founders in what we do every day.

“Having a world-class business school is very important to our city and province, so I am proud to have been actively involved in the Young Associates and Associates for the past 25 years.”
– Colin Ryan, Associates Chair 2018-2020


Andrew Stibbard, Chair of The Associates, with the Asper School of Business Commerce Students’ Association.


Making a Difference

The fundraising efforts of The Associates through the University of Manitoba Business School Foundation has contributed over $60-million dollars to the Asper School. An annual donation by The Associates is supported by thousands of in-kind contributions toward student mentor- ship, in-class presentations, student competitions and other events. Students have access to internships, part-time and full-time employment at some of Manitoba’s most prestigious companies.

“As a firm that is constantly growing, it’s imperative we have the right people, with the right skills and drive to assist us in achieving our vision. As one of the largest recruiters of I.H. Asper School of Business students, MNP recognizes the drive, intellect, and vision these students bring to our firm. Students help create and support our commitment to fostering an environment that promotes excellence in our profession and within our communities. The Associates helps my firm and myself stay connected.”
– Andrew Stibbard, CPA CA, Regional Managing Partner, MNP

“Each year we hire a number of students from The Asper School, as they provide us with a deep and diverse talent pool. The students are exceptionally talented, and they continue to add energy and passion to our work force. They are our future leaders.”
– Dean Schinkel, Managing Partner, Winnipeg Deloitte

The time, expertise and philanthropy of The Associates’ members has resulted in the I.H Asper School of Business becoming one of the leading business schools in Canada.


Denise Zaporzan and Andrew Stibbard


Shaping Our Future

What is next? As membership grows, so does the Asper School, offering more students an opportunity to achieve their goals. The over 360 industry leaders know an investment into the Asper School pays off with future economic growth in the province. The formula is simple: Gather the best and brightest from business, faculty and students to offer opportunities to succeed.

We value our School’s long-standing relationship with The Associates. The support we receive from the organization’s dedicated network of business executives represents a key component of our continued success. The Associates’ generous philanthropic support, outstanding student mentorship and premier networking opportunities elevates the Asper School, supporting our commitment to providing a world-class business education to the next generation of leaders.
– Dr. Bruno S. Silvestre, Dean and CPA Manitoba Chair in Business Leadership

Grounded in our past, making a difference now, the future is bright as The Associates continue to grow opportunities and leaders.