Associates’ Speakers Directory

Associates’ Speakers Directory

The Associates’ Speakers Directory is a resource for faculty of the I.H. Asper School of Business requiring experienced industry professionals to present in classrooms, serve as class or extracurricular competition adjudicators, mentor students, work with students on case studies, or provide tours of leading local businesses. Members included in the directory have provided profiles with the intent of volunteering with Asper classes and programs.

In addition to the Associates included in the Speakers Directory, there are numerous other Associates willing to volunteer and support students. The Associates membership is comprised of over 300 industry leaders and the Young Associates membership includes nearly 100 young professionals. We look forward to finding the right fit for your class, event, or workshop to incorporate additional business experience in your classroom.

To request an Associate, use the contact form below, email, or call 204-474-6201.


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Associates: Add your Business Profile to the Speakers Directory

Associates who are interested in adding their profiles to The Associates’ Speakers Directory can contact The Associates’ office at or call 204-474-6201.

The contact information of the participating Associates will remain confidential, unless specific permissions to share have been provided.