Dear Associates, 

The Associates began in 1983 to support Manitoba’s Business School, the Asper School of Business. For 37 years we have provided unwavering support to the students, the faculty and stakeholders of Asper and continue to do so in these uncertain times. As an organization we are on a solid financial footing and we have an active and engaged membership/organization. Together, we will whether the storm ahead and come out stronger on the other side.

My experience with the Associates and Young Associates dates back to 1989 when I was a student at the Asper School. In all those years we have faced many challenges but nothing like what we face now. Many of our members have reached out to me and my board colleagues to pledge their support. I thank you for all your kind words and your leadership to your businesses, organizations and the Asper community. While this current situation is unprecedented, our board and members remain more committed than ever to be leaders supporting business education.

There is a term in the financial industry called a black swan, which is an event that is impossible to predict, but rather than focusing on the negative, we find ways to deal with the impact, learn from it and utilize the modern tools at our disposal to test and illustrate our flexibility and resilience.

Our board will be discussing ways in which we can support students during this difficult time. As an example many of our co-op students have either lost their current positions or their upcoming summer placements. This is now coupled by the loss of extra income from part-time jobs. We are examining ways with the Asper School to provide support to those students who have no other financial options.

As an organization, we are already adapting to our new realities at the Associates. With so many of us already working from remote platforms, we are reviewing ways to utilize a variety of these platforms to provide members, students and our stakeholder community convenient, reliable and interactive resources. Expect some webinars in the weeks ahead as we all work our way through the pandemic. Of course our door is always open for your thoughts, comments and ideas.

Now is the time we can also show leadership to our families, friends, colleagues, fellow Associates, faculty and students of the extended Asper family!

Let’s keep connected, stay safe, please take care of yourselves and all those around you. 






Colin Ryan, CFA, ICD.D
Chair, The Associates
Executive Vice President | Senior Portfolio Manager and Director
Wellington Altus Holdings Inc.
Phone (204) 284-6643